Membrane switch panels

European design and Quality Assurance with global manufacturing capacity

When the application calls for ultra-reliability, product engineers have counted on APEM membrane switch panel performance for 25 years. Product failure is just not an option in medical, military, harsh industrial, transportation and material handling environments. APEM’s thin, low profile membrane keypads and membrane switches on PCBs are designed to provide superior, durable performance for these critical applications. European QA ensures that each component and the entire integration is APEM-quality assured, while global manufacturing make sure our membrane switch panels are competitive.

APEM offers size, shape and color-finish design flexibility for membrane keypad user-interfaces that are aesthetically pleasing as well as perfectly adapted to the application. Sealed and easy to clean, APEM membrane switch panels are waterproof, dustproof and resistant to climatic, chemical and mechanical stresses. Their light weight and low profile permit integration into smaller and thinner packages, including hand-held applications.

APEM offers one of the widest arrays of overlay, circuit and assembly options, including

Overlay Options:
Materials: PET or PC
Graphics: State of the art silkscreen or digital printing
• Selective texturing
Display windows
Embossing, including Braille embossing

Circuit Options:
Tactile feedback options, including snap down domes or hot embossing
Crimping, ZIF/Lif-compatible connections
Embedded components
Insertable/replaceable legends

Assembly Options:
• Housing
• Back plates

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